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Nursery/Children’s Art

I love art work but I always struggle with it. Finding pieces that not only I love, but my family as well can be a difficult task. I’m much more prone to hang photography around our house because we’ve been fortunate to have talented friends and family members capture some sweet memories over the years. There’s nothing like our wedding pictures or newborn photography or my children’s goofy grins to bring a smile to my face when I pass them daily. But I also realize that art work can add a beautiful element to a home. Since it’s slightly out of my comfort zone, I figured I’d start with the children. I’ve had some luck at HomeGoods lately and I love how Minted has really stepped up their game in this department as well. Or maybe they always have and I’m just now realizing it?? Etsy is also a great resource but it takes some time to do the sorting and scrolling! Here are some of my favorites that I came across that would be a perfect addition to any children’s room or nursery.

Do you have any art resources that you’ve had luck with?

nursery:childrens art

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