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Not Always Lovely

My apologies for not having a substantial post for you today. It’s been a busy week and I managed to come down with something that was accompanied by a relentless, piercing headache. Those are always fun aren’t they? I was thankful that my son was headed off to school yesterday, but my 2 yo was by my side all day. Even during my unfortunate moments of sicknessĀ (I’m sorry, TMI here), she stayed right by my side and attempted to slam the lid on my head multiple times during the process. It was anything but pretty as I continued to push her away. When I was texting with my sister later in the day she said, “you need to share this on the blog, that way they’ll know you aren’t perfect!” So there you have it, just incase I had anyone fooled. Sure, I’m here to offer ideas to make your life a bit lovelier, but no, I’m in no way perfect. Life gets messy and ugly, I just choose not to share those images. I’m sure you appreciate that as well ;) I hope to be back with you tomorrow, fingers crossed!


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