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Nordstrom Sale: Try-On

I hope you all had a great weekend! I made my way into Nordstrom on Saturday to work my way through the Anniversary Sale pieces. Unfortunately there were a lot of things not available in store in addition to many things already being sold out in my size. I didn’t get to try on any denim which was a bummer or many shoes either for that matter. Thankfully I have a few things coming from my online order, so I’ll report back on those.

Since a lot of what I was hoping to try wasn’t available, it pushed me to try some other things I may not have noticed online. There’s a lot to sort through in this sale, and honestly there’s a lot that’s not worth all the hype. There are however, some things that are definitely worth grabbing while on sale, should you have the need.

Let me warn you, the lighting in the dressing rooms was atrocious. I fought hard for some good angles to avoid shadows and allow you to have an accurate shot of these pieces, but it was not easy. In another life I’d love to be a lighting designer for dressing rooms…what a missing market!


Despite not having an appropriate event in mind for this jumpsuit, I took it into the fitting room with me because I had to try it. There’s a good chance I may order it before the sale is over (assuming my size is still in stock). The fit was TTS and had plenty of length in the legs which would be perfect with heels.


This light-weight sweatshirt has been a popular item. At the moment it’s sold out, but I’m hopeful they will restock. It’s soft and cozy and rurns TTS (I’m in the S).

Fleece hoodie

This is a great pull-over that comes in three different colors. It does run small though, I’m in the XS here and it was very snug. I definitely would have gone with a S if they had it, or possibly a M for extra layering room.


If you’ve felt Barefoot Dreams material before, you know it’s the softest thing you could ever wear. I loved the shape of this open front cardigan. Perfect for wrapping yourself up in during the fall/winter months.


Here’s another cozy cardigan with a lower price tag. I love the color of this one and on the plus side, it has pockets :)


If you need to stock up on basic tee’s, this one is the one! It’s $15.90 during the sale, comes in a bunch of colors and is TTS. I’m wearing a S here which is good if you want a little extra room for knotting it etc.


I brought it home in the striped option in the XS which had a little better fit for me.


Here’s another well-priced basic tee. The fit is a little boxier than the one above, but I do love the v-neck. I’m wearing a S in this one.


I liked but didn’t love this sweater. It was cute but just a little too boxy for me. I’m wearing the XS here, but I’m thinking I could have tried sizing up to make it a little more tunic-y.


When I first saw this online I was hopeful that it was similar to this one that I got last year during the sale. Unfortunately this one feels like a much cheaper version. It’s thinner and doesn’t fit nearly as well which was a bummer because I really liked last years version.


Despite this picture (oh the lighting), I really did like this sweater. Paired with leggings is a little ‘va-va-voom’ for me, but remember, I didn’t have any jeans to try on with it! I’d love it paired with some high-wasited denim. It runs TTS (I’m in the XS).

Faux Leather Leggings

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I love my Spanx faux leather leggings. They go on sale very infrequently, so they fall at the top of my list for must-haves from the sale. I wear a size S for reference.


Moving on to jackets, this is one I scrolled right past online, but in person I loved it. I probably should have bought it, but to be honest, I need to assess my coat closet to see what’s needed. I’m hoping they re-stock this print, but it’s also available in some solid colors. It’s a great water resistant, fall jacket with faux fur lining through the top body of the jacket.


Here’s one of the more popular jackets from the sale. For me it was way too short in the sleeves and had I sized up to a S it would have fit too over-sized for my liking. I do like the coat in general (especially the fleece lining), but for me the fit was a no-go.


Here’s another jacket I did not take note of online, but in person it’s a very chic piece that comes in a few very pretty, fall colors. It’s wool but light-weight and would make a great fall jacket. I’m wearing a size S for reference.


I’m slowly working my way to having a ‘grown-up’ pj drawer. I still have my fair share of t-shirts and comfy pants, but I have a handful of pajama sets and I really like them! This one is so soft and comfortable and comes in a few different color options. The light grey stripe is my favorite. I’m wearing a size small.


Here’s another cute set from Madewell. The colors were much prettier in person and this set ran on the larger side, I’m in the XS.


This was my favorite pair of sneakers from the sale. I got my TTS 8.5 but I think I’m going to size up to a 9 for a little more room as I typically do in sneakers.


This pair of loafers caught my eye in store and I loved them. They are classy yet casual, very comfortable and I can wear them for the better part of the year. I waited to get online to decide between this nude or the snakeskin, but ultimately ordered the nude. They run TTS.

I hope this post is helpful to you all despite not having everything I was hoping to try-on. Some items will re-stock intermittently throughout the sale, so if there’s something you have your eye on, I’d check back! Below you can find everything I tried in this post as well as some of my other picks that you can find from last week’s ‘first look‘ post.

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