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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has commenced and I’m here to round up my favorites in a number of categories for you. I decided to pull everything together in one big post as opposed to breaking things up in hopes that it makes it easier for you, keeping it a bit more concise. This sale can seem intimidating at first glance, but after shopping and sharing for a number of years I’ve started to be able to hone in on what to look for.

First off, things sell out. Personally, I’m not able to shop until August 13th, and even at that point many sizes will already be narrowed down. The good thing however, is that they do re-stock items as they’re able throughout the sale. Utilizing their ‘wishlist’ tool (which is new this year) has been very helpful in allowing me to save my favorites as I browse. That way, when it comes time to order I’m not frantically searching all over again.

Second, these items will still be available come fall and most of them will go on sale again, just later down the road. If you miss out on something, it’s not the end of the world. Although I do find it fun and there is a great deal of hype around it, it is just a sale ;)

Below I’ll break down each category a bit and share why I selected the items that I did. Each image is ‘clickable’ and will take you directly to the site for more details.

This feels like the category everyone typically starts with. Wondering what’s going to give you the most bang for your buck. Denim is certainly always worth checking out. Madewell remains some of my favorite denim, so I was happy to see the two pairs above included. I have these in another wash and they’re in my top five jeans. The faux leather Spanx are a staple I’ve grown accustomed to having in my closet year after year, only grabbing them when they go on sale. I usually grab a sweater or two because they’re nice to have at the start of fall. And winter coats are another area that’s worth taking advantage of because they usually take much longer in the season to go on sale again. I’ve heard rave reviews about this North Face and I grabbed a very similar camel coat last year that I ended up wearing a ton.

Lounge and intimates is another category I love. I have and love the first three bras above and am hoping to try the last one. Comfort has taken a front seat these past few months and I can’t say I see that changing come fall. I of course included a few cute lounge and pj options as well as my favorite underwear. I’ve worn Hanky Panky’s for at least 15 years. The only thing that has changed is that I now prefer their regular rise as opposed to the low rise.

Sports bras and socks are typically something I order from this sale. I have this bra now in 4 or 5 colors and am hoping to grab this one to try this year. Zella leggings are a great basic legging, and I’m curious to try this pocket legging to maybe wear for athleisure. Those that follow me on Instagram know that I have another similar sweatshirt to this one, also by Daydreamer and it is my favorite. Such a great fit and arrives feeling already broken in.

In case you have any weddings or low key events happening this fall, there are a handful of dresses and jumpsuits that I’m really loving. We actually have a wedding we’ll hopefully be attending and I’m debating between this jumpsuit and this sweet dress. The jumpsuit was actually a part of last years sale and I was obsessed with it then when I tried it on in store but ended up passing as I didn’t have an appropriate event to wear it to. This year might be the year.

The shoe department was rather easy for me to narrow down. Obviously sneakers are taking the lead lately! If I splurge on anything, it’ll likely be these sneakers that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I also have similar slides to these from last year and I’m sure I’ll be wearing them a ton again.

Timing-wise, this sale is all too perfect for back to school shopping. I’ll probably be grabbing a few of the pieces above for my kids to (hopefully) wear to school. Winter coats are something to look into for them as well. Kids sizes always sell out before I realize that one of mine has outgrown last years coat in December!

Finally, there were a few home and beauty items that stood out to me. I predominantly use Aveda products in the shower, so I’ll likely be ordering this set which includes my favorite hand cream. I also love the DryBar products and the All Nighter setting spray is a part of my everyday routine, holding my makeup in place all day long. I’m also considering a new diffuser, am always tempted by the BareFoot Dreams blankets and thought this serving board would make for a great gift (that I’d very likely end up keeping).

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