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I don’t know about you, but it takes me a bit to digest the whole Nordstrom Sale. It can be overwhelming, right?! I’m happy with the selections that I’ve made and received thus far, but now I figured I should turn some attention on some of the great finds in the children’s department.

Some of the obvious places to start are with outerwear and shoes. Those darn kids continue to grow year after year and inevitably new coats and shoes are needed. My son lives in sneakers and my girls would go crazy over these adorable shoes! And if I do splurge on Uggs, this is when I’d do it. It’s also the time to grab those warm North Face coats to keep your babes warm this winter. And how adorable is this snuggly hoodie?! It could also make a great gift for one lucky little babe. There are also a number of adorable dresses to snag. This one may be my favorite, I only wish it came in my size! Oh and take note of this chic back pack diaper bag. My sister has a similar version and she looks like the coolest mom on the block walking around with it! Last to note is this bow headband. I loved wearing these on my daughter during her first year. The wide band was soft and comfortable on her head which gave me a fighting chance of keeping it on her!

Have you guys found any goodies for your little ones? I’ll need to run this list by my kiddos first because a couple of them now have opinions of their own ;)

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