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New Year, New Gear

I know it’s cliche and feels like clock-work that following every new year the big push for getting fit and healthy circles back again. But in my opinion, a new year, a new resolution or any excuse to get moving is a positive one! With all the hype this time of year, why not ride the momentum and get (or keep) yourself on track. There’s something about new workout wear that totally gives me a boost. My husband gave me this fleece for Christmas and I’m looking for every excuse to get to the gym just so I can wear it! You don’t need to be dressed to the nine’s to hit the gym, but it can be nice to at least coordinate, and you’ll find a number of pieces that work together here, below. Sneakers are a great place to start if you haven’t updated them in a while. I always forget how amazing new sneaks feel! I was a Brooks girl for years but I’ve recently switched to Asics, this pair in particular, and have been loooving them! So, forget any guilt you may be carrying from the past few weeks (you’re not alone!) and step into 2017 with a healthy, positive attitude…I’m cheering for you ;)

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