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New Takes on Your Wardrobe

I recently had a question from a reader that I thought more than a few of you may relate to. This busy working mother found it difficult to pull outfits out of her closet and wondered what ideas I had for switching things up and finding new outfits within her own closet. I found myself relating all too well to this question as well. How many times have I stood in my closet as my eyes glazed over and inspiration was no where to be found? It happens to all of us, trust me.

So what did I suggest? I recommended that this busy mom start by seeking inspiration. Many times I flip through magazines, browse blogs and scroll through Pinterest and Instagram only to see pieces that are in my own closet being worn in ways that never crossed my mind. I make sure to Pin the images or snap a pic on my phone otherwise that outfit has very little chance of ever making it out of my closet. I also suggested she search Pinterest for some basic items like a navy blazer or a white blouse so she could see the array of ways these basic pieces can be styled.

In an effort to take this one extra step and give you some examples, I’ve put together three different outfits all based around a classic navy blazer. My hope is that this may open your eyes  to some pieces you may own and shed a whole new light on your closet!


Blazer / Scarf / Shirt / Pants / Booties


Blazer / Dress / Boots


Blazer / T-shirt / Skirt / Necklace / Booties


  • Julie says:

    The classic (sometimes viewed as boring!) blazers don’t make it out of my closet very often. I hope to try the second and third options this fall!

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