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Navy Layers


Thankfully this outfit works perfectly for maternity style, but I love the fact that it’s an outfit I’d wear during my non-pregnancy days as well. I do my best not to purchase maternity clothes that I wouldn’t buy if I weren’t pregnant because honestly, some of the styles are just horrendous. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I went through my collection of maternity clothes to sort out what I’d be wearing again and what I’d be donating. I surprised even myself with some of the clothes I had from 6 years ago when I was pregnant with my first. I was obviously buying anything that would fit because there were numerous items that didn’t resemble my personal style in the least. Thank goodness I wasn’t blogging back then ;) Granted, I’ve been eager for the day I can get back into my normal clothes for ohhhh 8 months now? But thankfully I’ve been doing my best to come across as ‘Marisa’ and not ‘pregnant Marisa’. After all, mom’s sacrifice enough of themselves for their children, style doesn’t have to be one ;)








Details: Michael Stars draped cardigan (similar here and here) / JCrew maternity pants (non-maternity here) / Motherhood Maternity t-shirt / Anthropologie scarf (option) / Madewell tote / Blackstone boots


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