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My Kind of Suit

I could discuss all the pros of blanket scarves on this post, but I’m pretty sure most of you are already on board that train. What some of you may need some convincing on however are bodysuits. I feel as though I’ve had them towards the bottom of my list for a while but then I saw this one from J.Crew and decided to give it a try. Well, I’ve already worn it twice this week and figure I’m going to need more before people start to question me! You know I love a good front tuck, but there are times I don’t even want to deal with that or am simply looking for a more put together look. It feels so good not to have to worry about my shirt coming untucked and I know a lot of you active women (need I even mention mothers!) can probably relate. And how much sense does it make to wear one of these with your overalls? Genius. Do I continue to mistakenly refer to it as a onesie, yes, yes I do. But call it what you will, these things are awesome. Especially when it comes to layering, it feels great to have things stay in place and not shift and ride up when they aren’t supposed to. They also come in all shapes and styles. As I did some searching, Free People seems to be leading the pack in this department. Make sure you scroll below to see a bunch of my favorites. You’d never even guess most of them were bodysuits!

Details: JCrew bodysuit / Scarf (similar, see more below) / Denim / Bag / Booties (similar) / Earrings


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