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Mules Rule

Mules just may be my favorite style of shoe at the moment. That is, if we could dig ourselves out of #winterstormstella and actually wear something other than snow boots! I love mules though…being able to put on my shoes without using my hands (which are typically full of children, bags, coats, waters and snacks) is a dream come true! Similar to a bootie, but exposing a little more skin and making them all the more chic ;) Their popularity is drastically growing and you can find just about any style of mule you’re looking for these days. I love this classic, wear with anything style, this fringed beauty, this perforated pair, these pink pretties, and this lady-like style. Another perk is that they’re typically very comfortable. If they aren’t flat then they probably have a block heel which gives you some height without any discomfort. I feel like my mule wardrobe is only just getting started! Do you guys wear them? Which styles are you most drawn to?

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