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May is here and Mother’s Day is just around the corner, just in case you needed a reminder ;) May is one of the most hectic months of the year for me, coming in close, if not passing December. We have school concerts, a dance recital, a wedding, Mother’s Day, end of the school year parties, teachers gifts to plan, field trips to chaperone and we also celebrate both of my daughter’s as well as my husband’s birthdays this month. No joke, right?! And I know many of you are in this boat with me, so know that you aren’t alone and we will successfully make it through!

With that being said, is anyone still struggling to find a sweet little something for your loving mothers this year? I’m still putting things together myself, I openly admit. I did manage to pull together a fun assortment of gifts that I’m guessing would all be greatly appreciated! Scroll down to read a bit more about what I selected…

1. Monogram necklace: You’ve likely seen me wearing this necklace time and time again. It’s simple enough for everyday wear, yet makes a statement and always leaves people asking me about it.

2. Magnolia Table recipe book: I’ve passed by this book a few times now at Target and have been so tempted to grab it. Guaranteed to be a winner I know, and it also is pretty enough to display in your (I mean their) kitchen.

3. Scarf: I don’t know many women that wouldn’t love being gifted a pretty new scarf. I find myself buying at least one new one every spring.

4. Apron: I realize not all moms love to cook, but for this that cook, I find this one absolutely adorable! And witty too ;)

5. Diffuser: Any diffusing moms out there? I love the look of this one.

6. Gel polish: I used this gel polish for the first time a few weeks ago and not only did it last much longer than any normal polish, but the rounded shape of the brush made it so incredibly easy to apply! I don’t know why they haven’t been making them this way all along! A great gift for all of your polish wearing mamma’s.

7. One Line A Day: I’ve shared this one before and I could honestly share it every year because this is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts. This sweet book allows momma’s to jot down one quick memory from each day that one day they’ll eventually have the time to look back and smile on ;)

8. ‘I’ll Wash, You Dry’ towels: I love these cute towels to brighten up a kitchen. Add some tea or coffee and fresh flowers to pull together a sweet little gift.

9. Pot: this pretty pot comes in a few different shapes and sizes. Fill it with your mom’s favorite plant and leaving a lasting memory for her to admire everyday.

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