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For the most part, I find females extremely easy to shop for. That is, until I wait until the last minute and I’m stuck scrambling for ‘the perfect’ gift! I tend to spend my time focusing on my mother, grandmother and mother in-law and forget that I’m a mother as well! A week or so ago, I came across this blog post on Baby Gizmo which features a Mother’s Day Journal. As a mom of young children this quickly grabbed my attention. Instead of my husband having to get cards for the kids year after year, the journal can instead be used to document each passing year allowing your children to draw or write their messages directly into the journal. I immediately sent the link to my husband who will hopefully fulfill this wish, hint, hint!

Below you’ll find a handful of items that I’ve selected for both younger and older Mother’s (note how I did not say ‘old’, Mom?)

I get that coffee/tea cups are completely overdone, but if my kids gave me one that said ‘Home is where your Mom is’ I’d be using it every morning! Make sure you check out the Mom’s One Line A Day journal. For all of you Mom’s with young children, this thing is almost necessary if you want to remember all of the funny (and mischievous) things your kids do every.single.day. Name and initial necklaces are extremely common these days, but I love the idea of personalized name rings. You can have them just where you want them, wrapped around your finger ;) There are always beautiful vases to be given, sweet statement pillows, pretty nail colors (and maybe throw in a manicure gift cert. for extra points) or a style/beauty book. Every mom could use a little inspiration! Whatever you chose to get or do for her, decide soon because Mother’s Day will be here before you know it and you want to make sure she knows how much she’s appreciated!!

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What ideas have you come up with for this Mother’s Day?

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