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Mother’s Day 2022

After two days of non-stop rain, the sun decided to make an appearance so that we could enjoy Mother’s Day this past weekend! We hosted a low-key afternoon at our house for our mother’s and family and celebrated Audrey’s 7th birthday in conjunction. My kids graciously cooperated for some pictures and worked with their dad to add to the scrapbook that has become a Mother’s Day tradition for us. It’s something I treasure more and more each year! I feel as though we are at such a sweet spot with our kids at the ages they are, but now more than ever the years seem to be fleeting. I cried while I scrolled through pictures of Audrey, my baby, on her birthday. It’s such an emotional journey as you mourn those baby/toddler years while at the same time you enjoy the stage of life they are currently in. Each of them are so unique with their own strengths and talents and it’s such a blessing to watch them grow into their own individual self.

I could wait to break out the spring colors, pairing this beauty of a top with these bold pink trousers. These pants filled a void in my closet (ie a major lack of color) and I can’t wait to continue to style them in a variety of ways. The printed top paired perfectly with the trousers but it also looks beautiful with white denim. It’s flowy and light-weight, perfect for the warmer months and also comes in a blue/pink combo if that’s more your style. And these sunglasses have been my some of my favorites for years and I continue to get asked about them regularly. At the moment you can find them marked down!

top / sunglasses / pants / heels

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