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Mix and Match Holiday Attire

If they haven’t begun already, I’m sure that many of you have one or more holiday parties to attend within the next few weeks. More than likely, you have pieces in your closet that would work perfectly. I have gathered some clothing and accessories to show you how they can be mixed and matched allowing you to slightly dress up or down an outfit. Not only will this give you more options to choose from, but it’ll also allow you to create completely new looks for multiple gatherings you may be attending.

I began by selecting pieces that had festive appeal including prints, patterns and jewels. Even if you are keeping it somewhat casual with say, a plaid shirt, adding velvet pants, a statement necklace and a textured clutch show that you not only put some thought into your outfit, but that you’re ready to have a good time! A velvet peplum top with leather detail paired with printed pants is an outfit you can’t go wrong with. And if you want to take it up another notch, a sequin mini and an embellished top are sure to make a statement.


Outfit 1: top / pants / shoes / necklace / clutch

Outfit 2: top / pants / shoes / necklace / clutch / bracelet

Outfit 3: top / skirt / shoes / clutch / bracelet / earrings

In case you weren’t in the mood to be creative, I went ahead and did a little mixing and matching for you. I have to say, the plaid and striped sequin skirt is an ensemble that I’d love to try, I think they look great paired together. A solid black clutch and pumps keep the outfit from feeling out of control. You can use your imagination for the rest! Even if you needed to purchase one item, double check your closet because I bet you could do a lot with it. Just get creative!





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