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I don’t know about you all, but I feel like I’m still adjusting to this whole new world of mask wearing. Fortunately, we haven’t had to wear ours for extended periods of time yet, only when we are running in/out of stores and any offices. I’ve been trying to get the kids more adjusted to theirs as they’ll need to be wearing them during much of the school day. Thankfully they haven’t had much of an issue with them. Knowing we’ll need more on hand for the school year and unfortunately for all of us, for many months to come, I asked everyone on Instagram for their favorites that they’ve tracked down thus far. Athleta and Old Navy were the front runners by a long shot, but there were a bunch of others mentioned as well, many of which I’ve included below. Etsy, as you’d guess, is a goldmine with endless creative prints and patterns. Hygeine Hero makes the masks we are wearing above and we’ve all been happy with them. They have a great fit, triple layer and come in kid and adult sizes. I also recently received a set from Summersalt and although I haven’t worn them out yet, I really love that the outer layer is made with (what feels to be) swimsuit material. My son requested that I order him a gaiter-face cover to try out. We have yet to receive it, but I’ve heard that people really like them for the ease of simply being able to pull it up over their nose/mouth.

With SO many decisions weighing upon us this fall, I’m hoping that this will at least help you to narrow down the mask selections. I’ve noted the kids masks and also included some family packs which can help to simplify this process even more for you! If you have a particular mask you’ve found and love, feel free to share with everyone in the comments. We’re all in this together! And as I told my kids in the photo above, ‘smile with your eyes’!


  • Laura Bird says:

    My favorite masks are the ones from Athleta! I literally wear them everyday and they’re comfy and cute. :) I also suggest masks from Grayers – it’s a menswear company that uses scraps from the dress shirts they make. They’re really nice, not fancy but very well-made.

  • Susan says:

    I bought a five pack from Everlane. They are the tie-dye ones (five different pastel colors) and are easy to wear and wash. I’ve even gotten some compliments!

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