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Madewell Sale

Happy Friday, guys! There’s a rare Madewell sale going on and with it being one of my favorite stores to shop, I wanted to share some of my favorite picks with you! Right now you can get 15%-20% off depending on your shopping level, just make sure you’re signed up for their free Insider program. Madewell is a store that I shop knowing that I’ll be purchasing quality items that will last me years (and years). Some things may seem like more of an investment and I promise you, they are worth every penny.

I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve owned their Transport Tote, but I swear it just gets better with age. I’ve also had a pair of their overalls for a few years now and they continue to look brand new. This stands true for their jeans too. Most of their things fall on the more timeless and classy end which is another reason I end up wearing them for years on end. This Courier Shirt is one that I get asked about often. It has a timeless appeal with a playful button detail up the back which makes it all the more appealing.

I often get asked about denim and Madewell makes some of my favorite jeans. Every body is shaped differently and Madewell not only offers petite, regular and tall options, but assuming you’re an ‘Insider’ (which you most definitely should be, because it’s free to sign up), you’ll get free shipping so you can order a few styles and sizes to try and return what doesn’t work.

I always end up with a few new Madewell sweaters each year and they all end up on heavy rotation. I grabbed one of their cardigans (similar to this one) during the Nordstrom sale and am narrowing down the rest as they continue to come out. All I can say is there are more than a few good options!

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