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It’s true that I’m barely settling into fall and then I go and throw a ‘winter boot’ post at you. Although my hope is that we have a bit more time until the cold weather apparel needs to be broken out, there are some things that should be tackled sooner than later. Winter boots and coats are two things that you risk missing out on should you wait until the frigid weather is actually upon us. Or rather, you risk losing the good picks! I’ve heard from friends and am guilty myself for eyeing certain pieces until they are gone or making the mistake of waiting until I actually need those boots and I log on to find my size is already sold out. Boo. Well, that’s why I’m here to keep you guys on the ball. This week I’m showing you my favorite cold weather boots and perhaps next week we’ll tackle coats?

Here I have for you boots that will keep your toes warm and dry through freezing wind-chills and slushy street corners. I’m tempted every year to invest in a pair of Sorel boots. I suppose one reason I never take the plunge is because I can never decide between so many eye-pleasing options! I do however always turn to my classic Hunter boots with the liners for extra insulation. I’ve been wearing Uggs for more years than I can remember now. To be honest, I was doing my best to be over them the past two years but it’s just not happening! They are the only thing I want to grab when I run my son to school in the mornings or head to the gym (most of my classes do not require sneakers). And when the temps drop below 30 all my feet want are the cloud-like softness and unbeatable warmth. Since my Uggs are on their last leg a new pair may be topping my Christmas wish-list this year. Have a look for yourself and don’t wait too long to make your move!



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