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Loving Lately: Spring Jackets

I realize that by sharing this post Mother Nature is going to drop a boatload of snow on us just to keep me in place! However, the sun has been shining and we felt 50 degree weather this week, so my mind can’t help but get a little eager.

When the time comes to be able to switch from my heavy winter to coats to something a bit lighter, I don’t waste any time. Often, I’ll still layer shirts and sweaters underneath, but it’s quite freeing to ditch the heavy outerwear. As spring continues to approach (can you believe March is only a few days away?), I gathered some of my top jacket picks and broke them down into categories. Denim and rain jackets are must haves. I haven’t gone overboard with the shirt jacket trend, but I do have one or two and love their casual vibe. Quilted jackets are also having a moment, however I’ve had some in my closet for years now and I don’t feel them going out of style anytime soon. Then there’s our classic anorak and utility style jackets, which I likely own one or two (or three) too many of!

—– Shirt Jackets —–

—– Quilted Jackets —–

—– Denim Jackets —–

—– Rain Jackets —–

—– Anorak / Utility Jackets —–

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