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Loving Lately: Fleece

Fleece is always something that you can find in my closet and it seems lately that everyone is catching on to the fact that we love all the comfy cozy things! I’m overwhelmed with how many cute pullovers are out there, not to mention the blankets and slippers that are also so appealing. Being warm and comfortable as I run around town from meetings to school and wherever my day may take me, is always a plus. And when you feel stylish on top of that? Well, that’s just a bonus!

I’ve had this pullover for a number of years now and I love that they keep bringing it back because it’s just that good. I added this shorter fleece to my closet this year, going with the leopard print because, why not?! I was so happy to see that they brought this amazing jacket back in grey this year! It was my most worn jacket last year, without a doubt!

I’ve been keeping tabs on my favorites and gathered them for you to check out below. Many of the pieces come in various colors/prints which you can see once you click through. Not only are these great go-to’s for you but they’d make wonderful gift ideas as well!

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