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Loving Lately: Fall Jackets

I’m never one to rush summer on it’s way, but guys, I adore fall. For all the cliche reasons but most of all for the drop in temperatures. 60-70 degree (sunshine filled) days bring me so much joy. Our outfits obviously fall in suite with jackets being one of our key wardrobe staples. The beauty of a jacket is that you can get a ton of wear out of them, pairing one jacket with any number of outfits. My denim jacket especially goes from being topped over a maxi-dress to being worn over a t-shirt with sweatpants. And if you’ve been around for a bit, you know how much I adore my sweater blazers. They are comfortable and versatile and you don’t feel the need to remove them once indoors. I’ve lost count on how many colors I currently have hanging!

I took some time to dig a bit to find a number of styles that I’m drawn to and would recommend for fall. From the oh-so-popular shirt jackets, to practical rain jackets and blazers for work, there should be a bit for everyone’s lifestyle. You can find direct shopping links to each item below. Which is your favorite?

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