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I hope you all had a great weekend and a very sweet Valentine’s Day! Jack and I managed to get out for a lunch date and an afternoon of running around town. It’s always a treat to spend one on one time with him without being interrupted mid- sentence…every sentence, ha! It was a beautiful weekend, but boy was it cold! As in way below freezing bundled in down and every cold weather accessory I own kind of cold. Needless to say we didn’t have a chance to do any shoots outdoors, but I’ve been taking note of all the beautiful dresses and jumpsuits that have been rolling out lately. I’m currently helping to style someoneĀ for an upcoming wedding but the problem is that new options keep coming out daily making it extremely difficult to narrow things down! With Easter and wedding/shower season on the horizon I figured I’d share some of the many options that have crossed my mind. After all the groundhog did say we’d have an early spring, right?!


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