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Making a home feel welcoming and cozy often comes down to those small decorating details. Corners that entice you to curl up and chat or relax with your coffee and a good book are spaces that I image many long for. The good news is that it only takes some thoughtful items to make these areas come to life. A comfortable chair, cozy throw, plenty of lamps and a coffee or end table are the basics that would set the stage. Then styling those tables with plants and/or a candle and a good coffee table book for guests or yourself to enjoy will help to complete the space. Not only does a book full of great pictures prove to be practical but they also serve as beautiful pieces of decor that can be stacked and layered with other elements as needed. Think about putting one or two under a lamp, or placing a candle or plant on top of a small stack. You could of course place them vertically on a shelf or mantle to fill in any gaps as well. Below are some books that I would recommend. Most of which I own or have given as gifts and all have been well received. Take a look at some of those nooks in your home, a few small tweaks could turn it into a little retreat under your own roof!

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