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Loving Lately: Capes/Ponchos

As I was looking through my closet the other day, I came across this poncho that I wore last year. Since fall has officially arrived, I’m all the more ready to start layering up! The poncho/cape trend is one I plan on wearing out. Honestly, what’s better than wrapping yourself in a beautiful blanket?! And since we’re on the subject, what the heck is the difference between the two? I should probably have that answer for you, shouldn’t I? In my mind, a poncho consists of one piece with a hole for the head and a cape is one that wraps around you. But when perusing online, my thoughts didn’t always hold true. Call them what you will, I’d take any! And by all means, if anyone knows the difference, feel free to enlighten me! Here are some of my favs…



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