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Today is the last day of school for my kids, which means summer is full speed ahead! We spend a great deal of time at the pool throughout the summer because my kids are basically little fish, but we also have a beach trip planned for the end of June. I know many of you are looking forward to some upcoming vacations as well, so today I put together a little beach inspiration board for you. For those of you that won’t be hauling any littles to the beach, a comfy chair and an umbrella are basically all you need! Toss some drinks into a cooler tote and a book and towel into a bag and you’ll be set for the day. For those that will be sprawling out and bringing all the things along with your kiddos like us, you’ll have a little more in tow…but it’s totally worth it! We’ve been taking family beach trips since Jack (12 years today) was a baby. We’ve been through all the phases of lugging tents and baby pools and huge coolers and strollers, not to mention toys, toys and more toys! These days, the three of them spend the bulk of their time boogie boarding in the ocean and then running back to re-fuel and re-lotion. I’m not exactly at the point in my life where I can peacefully read a book, but I absolutely love watching them enjoy every ounce of the day.

There are some key items that enable our family to settle in and enjoy some long days under the sun. A wipeable blanket that easily allows you to shake off sand is a must. No one wants to sit down for lunch worrying about sand getting into their food! This is also why I love turkish towels for everyone. They don’t hold as much sand as other towels do There are multiple ways to transport everything down to the beach, but a collapsible wagon has been our go-to. Jack makes it look all too easy as he pulls it through the hot sand ;) Cooler bags packed with food and drinks are another must have as we typically pack our lunches as well as snacks and drinks for the afternoon. Toys are somewhat necessary, but I’ve found that good shovels (key for digging those moats), a few buckets and something fun like an icecream cone set are really all we need. Who doesn’t love a good sand cone, or 20?! Speaking of toys, a mesh bag is perfect for carrying them all without bringing half of the beach back with you. A waterproof bluetooth speaker one final item that we always have in hand. Listening to a little Bob Marley totally makes a beach day :)

Here are links to everything above as well as some additional options to help make your beach vacations run as smoothly as possible!

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