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Hey guys! I know my blogging is off a bit this week due to the long weekend for Easter (and me just falling behind), but today I wanted to share some of what I’ve been loving lately. These are some of the things that I’ve been eyeing up since my Lenten shopping ban. I’ve since ordered a couple of things to try, this blouse for one (SO pretty), as well as this ruffled tank (in lavender). Some of you may have also seen on Instagram that I grabbed this tee in store (in grey) and I already want to wear it everyday. I’ve also been debating this jacket because it’s so out of the ordinary. A pretty mix of stripes and bows! I do still have my eye on some sandals (these and these to name a couple), but I’m impatient, and if I can’t wear them right away, thanks to the snow flurries currently falling, then I tend to hold off for a bit. You know, just in case anything else pops up in the meantime ;)

What goodies have you guys been snagging lately? Anything good?!

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