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Loungewear Refresh

Happy Wednesday and Happy Halloween! I have two very excited little fairy’s and one 4th grader that doesn’t care about collecting candy one way or the other. I think that may be hitting me harder than the fact that he no longer believes in Santa. What child doesn’t want free candy?? Hopefully he’ll at least humor me tonight, and then hand his candy over to me ;)

Earlier this week I had a styling appointment with a client that I’ve worked with for a few years now. After I had a chance to rework her wardrobe and play around with some of her recent purchases, we discussed some items that would be beneficial for her to add to her closet. She mentioned that she never focused much on loungewear but always wished she had some cute pieces to wear around the home and still feel stylish. That talk inspired me to pull together an inspiration board for those of you that may also be on the hunt for similar pieces. This time of year has me wanting to be cozy every minute I’m home, and in all honesty there are many days where I never make it out of my loungewear! Thankfully there are so many cute options to choose from these days that you don’t have any reason to change when you head out to run your errands. Hopefully you find a cozy piece or two that will add some warmth and comfort to the chilly days ahead!


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