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LOFT: Try-On

With very little time to myself this summer, it’s been difficult to squeeze in many try-on sessions. I did manage to get into our Loft quickly yesterday to see what was new and try a few things on for you guys. Many of these pieces are 40% off online, but if you can make it into a store, they are offering 50% off right now!

Unless otherwise noted, I’m wearing an XS or size 0, which is my typical Loft sizing for reference.


This dress was one of the first things that caught my eye. The pink ruffles had me. Although it may look rather fancy, it’s actually made of a light-weight sweatshirt material making it super comfortable!


Another pretty dress that I was drawn to. I love the black, grey, pink leopard combo and how versatile this dress could be. It has a tie waist and the prettiest sleeve detail…

I went with a Small in this dress whic fit well for me.


One final dress I took back with me was this sweet, sleeveless one. I love the soft colors and the ruffle details. I have on a Small but would have gone with an XS had one been in stock.

Top / Jeans

I liked the slightly heavy weight of this top. Simple and cute with a good length to it. I tried on these denim which were not a great fit for me. The waist fit TTS for me but the legs were skin tight.


They had a ton of adorable work-wear pieces in store. The built-in collar and shirt tail on this tank make it an easy toss on and go piece. I’m wearing a Small here as they didn’t have an XS in store, but I think I could have gone either way on this one. The Small just had a little bit looser of a fit.


Can’t go wrong with this one in leopard print!

Shirt / Skirt

I adore the lavender shade of this blouse and how beautiful is this skirt?! It looks and feels like something you’d find at Anthropologie but at a fraction of the price.


This light weight sweater tank was a really good piece. This could be worn with everything from denim and a fall jacket, tucked into an a-line skirt, or worn over trousers as I am here. I can’t remember if I had the XS or S on here, but I’m thinking I grabbed the S.

Top / Pants

Of course I came home with this leopard top! It’s basically a heavy t-shirt, but I loved that I could throw it on with trousers just as easily as I can (and will) with joggers. I tried these trousers on in my last try-on in red and this time I finally caved and ordered them in olive for fall. I’m not always a huge fan of Loft bottoms, but these are just so good! I’d say you should order your TTS Loft size, I’m wearing a 0 (but I’m more of a true size 2).


I loved the detail on this top. Especially the ruffled hem on back…


Another pretty top with eyelet detail on the sleeves.


This is a great late summer sweater. Or perfect for air conditioned offices! I love the scoop on the back which gives it some added interest…


I have on a small here which fit well. I needed it especially for the added arm length.


This is a really good, clean-cut denim jacket. I’m wearing the XS here which gave me a nice, fitted look, had plenty of arm length and has just the right amount of stretch.

Shirt / Pants

Here’s a better look at the trousers that I had on for most of this try-on. You can see how flattering the wide leg is and works well with flats or heels. This top was one of my favorites. It was the same print as the dress I tried on, but I loved the long sleeves on it. It’s light-weight, would look amazing with white denim and could go more casual or dressy depending on what you were going for. I may have to go back for this one!


Here’s a closer look at the detail. So pretty!

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