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This was a rather impromptu shoot with my daughter, Madelyn, yesterday. When I saw that our outfits coordinated, I asked her if she’d like to take pictures with Mommy and she immediately started jumping with a huge grin on her face ;) Madelyn gives me a run for my money day in and day out. She is strong willed, stubborn and everything must be her idea or it’s simply not happening. She is also hysterical, full of personality, never bored and greatly appreciates any one on one time she can get. I couldn’t count the amount of laughs that were shared in the ten minutes or so that we spent taking these pictures and I only wish you could hear the giggles that I hear in my head just looking at these images! Granted, she is often behind the camera making me smile, but having her front and center with me was fun for the both of us, as you’ll see!

Madelyn’s adorable outfit was part of Victoria Beckham’s line at Target this Spring but is unfortunately no longer available. However, something else that may get you excited is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale which opens up to card holders this Thursday! I know we aren’t exactly thinking fall yet (there’s still a lot of summer yet to enjoy!), but getting all the fall goodies on sale and having your wardrobe already prepped when fall arrives is something you just may thank yourself for! After August 6th prices go back up to full retail price. Things do sell out so having a Nordstrom card is beneficial as it enables you to shop before everyone else, but if you don’t the sale will open to the public on the 21st and many times items will get restocked! Give me a heads up and let me know if there’s anything in particular that your wardrobe needs ;) I’ll be doing my best to cover my favorites in as many categories as possible over the next few weeks!

Details: LOFT top / LOFT denim (similar) / LeSpecs sunglasses / Shoes (similar)

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