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I’m not exactly (well, not at all) back to shooting looks to share in a more edited and professional way, but a lot of times I feel as though many of you relate well to the snapped shots of outfits I pull together on a daily basis. Instagram tends to get a lot more of my real-life, un-edited versions, for better or for worse! So today I’ve gathered both a mix of my outfits as well as some peeks into our life and what’s been going on around here lately.

Outfit 1: hat / tank / pants
Outfit 2: top / jacket / jeans (similar) / sandals
Outfit 3: top / shorts
Outfit 4: sneakers

From May 9th to June 4th, we celebrate the birthday of everyone in my family except for me, lol. We now have a 5, 8, 11 and 39 year old in the house ;) We made the best of it and everyone loved their quarantine birthdays, Jack even stated that it was his favorite birthday to date!

Outfit 1: jacket (similar) / cinch / leggings
Outfit 2: jacket / pants
Outfit 3: top / pants
Outfit 4: top / leggings

The end of this school year was unlike any other for all of us. We were all ready to wrap things up and celebrate with drive through school parades and ice cream…always ice cream. I’m proud of how these kids handled all of the changes this year and excited for our now Kindergartner, 3rd grader and 6th grade middle schooler!

I’m so glad that I got my hands on this cookbook. We’ve made a handful of recipes so far, but I think the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie probably top our list!

In part due to the quarantine, we’ve been getting our family outdoors and exploring areas nearby that we’ve never experienced prior. It also helps that Audrey is now 5 and able to keep up for the most part on bikes or hiking trails. Honestly, she’s typically leading us! I knew it was beautiful around here, but we’ve been discovering places we had no idea even existed!

Outfit 1: hat / sweatshirt / shorts
Outfit 2: sunglasses / sweatshirt / shorts (similar)
Outfit 3: sunglasses / top / shorts
Outfit 4: top / bottoms

These are both suits that came from Amazon and I love them equally. I’ve had the multicolored one since last year and I’ve already been reaching for it this year. The teal is new this year and I’ve already been receiving compliments on it’s vivid color!

I love our neighborhood for so many reasons, one being that we have the most adorable ice cream truck that rolls through. At one point in time, Audrey thought it came through to play music, but I no longer get away with that ;)

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