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I haven’t taken the time to update you all on life around here for a while now, so I figured I’d take a minute to do so. Fall is in full swing and I’m finding myself keeping busy with the kid’s schedules (sports, dance class, birthday parties…. kids have quite the social life, don’t they? Much more so than I!) We haven’t even had a chance to get to the pumpkin patch yet, but I’m hoping that happens this weekend. House projects continue to be in the works and now I’m adding to the mix helping my sister plan for her wedding next April, yay!

Madelyn was due for another haircut. We’ve cut it a few times in the past and we always forget how darn cute she is with her little bob! She kept looking at herself in the mirror and gave the cutest little grins :)


Little Miss Audrey Grace turned 5 months old last week. Yes, it’s flying by, but she is at my most favorite stage of infancy. So much fun, laughing giggling, understanding, but not moving or getting into any trouble just yet :)


Here she is, the beautiful bride to be. For any fellow Say Yes To The Dress fans, here’s a little eye candy. Gosh, I’m a sucker. These were some top contenders, but none of them (I repeat NONE OF THEM) made the cut. You’ll all have to hold out for that one!


So, onto the house…this was a little afternoon project I tackled recently. Our garage entrance into our home needed a coat of paint, but instead of keeping it white, I dug into our left over front door paint (Sherwin Williams ‘drizzle’) and brightened it right up. It’s funny, the majority of our walls are fairly neutral, but when it comes to a door, I love color!


Our family room has been slow moving in progress. I’m realizing that sometimes it takes patience for the right pieces to come along. I had been stalking the rugs at Home Goods for months (you can’t beat their prices!) and one afternoon the perfect one appeared! I promptly texted a pic to my husband who in return promptly ignored me ;) But once I got him into the store he agreed. Or he simply didn’t want to talk about rugs any longer? Either way, it was another check off of our list!


How about you guys? Anything fun going on in your life at the moment?


  • Whitney says:

    Your girls are beautiful! My sister rocked that blonde bob when she was a toddler and I think it’s just the cutest hairstyle for little girls. Love, love, LOVE your painted door. As I was reading your post, my eyes wandered over to my carport door and I couldn’t help but imagine how awesome it would look with a color on it! :)

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