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Hi guys! I’m having a hard time believing we are half way through July! I still haven’t even had time to realize summer has arrived! We spent this past weekend in Pittsburg for my brother’s wedding which means that none of our little (or big) projects were able to continue getting tackled around the house. Most of the boxes are out of the way and I’m realizing how much furniture we are still in need of. A little overwhelming but I keep reminding myself to be patient and take my time to do things right!

I love the privacy the woods behind our home brings, but with that comes some other friends like little ‘Sammy the Snake’ pictured here. Harmless, I know, but back to the woods he goes!ll7161

Audrey and I prepping for the wedding. My girlfriend gifted this absolutely adorable dress before she was born and I just love seeing it on her!


Repainting our front door is on our list of said tasks. I’ve decided to go with ‘drizzle’ from Sherwin Williams, a pretty robin’s egg blue. Stay tuned for this outcome!


My sweet girls. Audrey had her 2 month vaccinations this week which she was none too pleased about. Lot’s of extra sleep but she’s doing just fine.



Hope you all have a great weekend!

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