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Let’s Pretend…

Let’s pretend that spring is actually on it’s way, shall we? Since any outfit shooting was ruled out by mother nature this week, I instead opted to work together some outfits that I’m dreaming of wearing. You know me and my love for pastels….and ruffles! So outfit #1 is obviously right up my alley. I haven’t started shopping for any post-baby clothes just yet (that’s jumping the gun a bit prematurely since I technically have 10 weeks to go), but this sweet top sure is tempting me! I own a pair of rose colored pants from last year, but with blush being all over the place this coming season I sure wouldn’t mind adding these to my wardrobe. As for outfit #2, it’s a perfect everyday ensemble for me. I can’t wait until I’m able to throw on a cotton dress, cute, comfortable sneakers, a light jacket and be on my way! It’s coming my friends, I promise, so get prepared!



top / pants / necklace / bag / shoes


dress / jacket / shoes / bag / necklace / earrings

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