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Layered Up

Winter is in full swing for many of us, in the northeast especially. I don’t mind the snow (ice is another story), but I am not a fan of being cold. I honestly love the beautiful snow that we’ve been getting lately and I’m an even bigger fan that my kids are capable of getting all their gear on without much assistance! Those years of layering and un-layering all that gear are exhausting!

Yesterday we went sledding with friends, so I layered up to join everyone. I couldn’t be a bigger fan of this NorthFace jacket. I purchased it during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last year (in the middle of the summer mind you), and that purchase is certainly paying off! This jacket keeps you warm which is very impressive based on how thin and light-weight it is. I love that it’s not overly puffy and that they included a drawstring which allows you to cinch the waist as desired. It also comes in a number of beautiful color options to choose from.

I don’t own snow pants, but these Spanx leggings kept me warm until the snow eventually saturated them. They are thick yet comfortable and make a great flattering, everyday legging as Spanx does best. I’ve had my Hunter boots for well over a decade and they are still going strong. I’ve been tempted to get a pair of winter Sorel boots and I may at some point, but honestly, these boots along with a liner, have done the trick for me.

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