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Keeping it Casual


It can be rather frustrating looking into your closet and realizing that you can’t fit into the majority of your clothing. Although I’ve added a few t-shirts (which are necessary) I’m still doing my best to avoid much maternity shopping this (last) time around. It has little appeal to me anyway, so it’s honestly not all that hard to avoid. I have, however, had to tackle finding a dress to wear in my SIL’s wedding at which I’ll be a lovely 33 weeks pregnant. Thankfully, ASOS maternity seems to have done the trick. It’s certainly not my ideal pick, but I don’t exactly have all the options in the world at this point. In the meantime, I’m going to continue dressing in loose comfortable layers, enjoy the money that’s being saved and appreciate the little miracle bouncing around inside :)








Details: Target sweater / Motherhood Maternity t-shirt / Gap maternity denim (similar non-maternity) / Madewell scarf / Converse sneakers / Madewell tote / Stella & Dot monogram necklace and bracelet / Tiffany bow necklace / Michael Kors watch


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