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Keeping baby warm…

…and healthy! That’s every parents’ goal as we go through these chilly to frigid months, right? As you well know, or will soon figure out, life is no fun at all when a child is sick. Keeping them warm and bundled is step number one and I have a handful of items that will come in handy for those of you with young ones. There are also a couple of things you’ll appreciate having on hand when that inevitable cold comes along.


  1. JJ Cole bundleme. Whether used on your stroller or your carseat this is one thing you shouldn’t be without. It allows you to do less layering on your child without loosing warmth. I’m always envious of my kids all snuggly warm in their bunting sack as I am out pushing them in bitter cold!
  2. Aden and Anais cozy sleeping bag. I know I have mentioned the sleep sack before when I did a post on some of my baby essentials, but they also make a thicker one for the cooler months. Until my kids are out of the crib, they remain snuggled in one of these.
  3. Boden hat and mittens. If you are still in the infant stage, you have the luxury of choosing any sweet hat you’d like for your little one. However, as they enter toddlerhood they quickly decide that they do not want a hat on their head no matter what the temperature or windchill. My secret to beating them at this game is to make sure your hat has a button at the bottom to secure it. Boden has always had this option available (at least since I have had children) and they’re always fleece lined so they’re extra soft against their skin. Once they’re old enough to unbutton the hat, they’re most likely old enough to understand that they do in fact need to wear a hat one their head.
  4. Zutano booties. For those pre-walkers, these booties are the best! They stay on better than anything else I found and they come in an array of colors to choose from. They also have matching hats for those babes that are willing to keep it on ;)
  5. Nosefrida nose aspirator. I won’t lie, I have not tried this snot sucker, but I have heard from various moms that it is amazing.
  6. Rain shield. I believe that just about every stroller manufacturer also carries a coordinating rain shield. In addition to rain, this is also a wonderful shield against wind, and if you live in an urban setting as I used to, you’re most likely needing to protect your child against all of these winter elements.
  7. 7 A.M. Enfant Warmmuffs. Ok moms (and dads) this one is for you. Again, this is another item I cannot personally vouch for, but how genius? Your gloves stay attached to the stroller when you need to remove them to tend to your little one. And when you’re ready to roll, re-insert and push away. Maybe not a necessity, but surely a nice treat!
  8. Crane humidifier. If there was one essential for cold weather, this would be it. It’s used quite frequently in our house and has been since my son was born 4 years ago. Just make sure yours is cool mist for the little ones. It’ll do it’s best to keep (get) those kiddos healthy!


Hope this is a help to some of you parents out there. Anything else you would add? And if you’re a grandparent, aunt or uncle this can serve as a nice little wish list for your grandkids/nieces/nephews :)


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