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…girl!! It looks like the girls are officially going to take over our household. In numbers at least ;) I wasn’t feeling strongly that it was one or the other, but when the technician gave us the news, I quickly realized I was totally expecting to hear ‘boy’. A wave of emotion hit me as I realized that this will likely be the completion of our family and that’s a crazy feeling. I’m thrilled nonetheless, that Madelyn will have a sister to grow up with and hopefully have a strong connection with as adults the way my sister and I do. And somehow Madelyn’s clothing purchases now seem much more justified knowing it will all get used more than once! As I laid there with these thoughts running through my head, my husband utters, “two weddings”. It’s okay my love, you have some time to prepare ;)

As for the outfit, which seems much less important, this style seems to be my go-to lately. A comfortable tee and an open sweater. Easy, comfortable and guaranteed to fit! Of course this sweater had to sell out yesterday, ugh. I just can’t seem to blog fast enough to keep up with everything selling out lately. Fortunately there are always alternatives such as this, this and this one (love!).






Details: A&F sweater (options here, here and here) / Preggers tee / Gap maternity pant (similar non-maternity) / Steve Madden boot (similar) / bracelet (similar) / JCrew Factory necklace / Baublebar necklace (similar)

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  • Lynn says:

    I love reading your blog!! Congratulations on adding another daughter to your family! My husband always wanted a daughter…we have 2 boys and I certainly wouldnt trade them for anything! They are now adults and my husband has daughters-in-law! Fair trade!

  • Erin Sproule says:

    Congrats! So very exciting!! I am so glad to be able to follow along with you even though you don’t live in Hoboken anymore. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  • Turner says:

    Congratulations! A sister is a great thing to have!!

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