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Instagram Roundup

Last night was trick-or-trick in our area and once we got our sugar filled kids down to bed, it left little time for blog brainstorming. So with that, I figured I’d share a little of what’s been going on over on my Instagram feed for those of you that may not have seen.

Here are my three, decked out for trick-or-treat: a ninja, a little lamb and a Princess Sophia, turned ballerina with a side of kitty cat? I just roll with it ;)IL100305

I wouldn’t call myself crafty, at all, but once in a while it’s fun to try!


This beauty of a tree in our front yard looked like this just last week. And today, it is bare :(


Sweet Audrey spent nearly a full day with her tongue out. I love watching her discover new things….she’s currently working on her growl :)


This sweater on repeat but never looking the same.


Since Halloween has nearly passed, we can start to focus our attention on Thanksgiving. I picked this cute banner up at Target recently. It’s made of metal and looks great it person. I can’t find it online, although of course there’s a Merry Christmas for sale! ;)


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