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Instagram Round-Up

Happy Wednesday, all! As I sit writing this Tuesday evening, I’m finding myself completely distracted as I watch The Crown in the background. It’s a Netflix series (that I’ve found out many of you also enjoy) that requires most of your attention in order to follow along. That’s difficult for me because this is typically my time to have a show turned on in the background and keep most of my focus on work! Fun work, but work nonetheless. Fortunately I was planning on doing a little Instagram round-up today, so it shouldn’t be all that difficult to put together.

I realize that my Instagram posts are much more accessible to you now (you can find them on my homepage just beneath the most recent post), but I also like being able to dive into a bit more detail on some of the pieces that I feel are beneficial to you.

Denim / Chambray shirt / Sweatshirt top / Scarf

I’ve been wearing this short sleeved sweatshirt like crazy. Our relentless chilly weather actually pushed me to layer it which allowed me to discover a whole different look from when I was first tossing it over a tank and leggings (which I also highly recommend). I can see this thrown over cut-off shorts during the summer moths as well.

Sweatshirt / Leggings / Sneakers

Like I said, cold weather! This sweatshirt is adorable (I love the pink/red combo), the leggings are the Spanx, non-faux leather pair, and the sneakers have earned more compliments than any others I’ve owned!

T-shirt / Scarf / Denim

As funny as it sounds, I couldn’t wait to get this t-shirt as soon as my shopping ban was over. I’ve always loved a good basic t-shirt, and although this is a bit more than basic with the peplum accent, it’s all the better! The scarf was an impulse buy but I can already tell it’ll be one of my most worn pieces this spring.

Denim jacket / Sweatshirt / Hat / Sweatpants / Sneakers

I love being able to rotate my wardrobe and repeat pieces in various outfits. I’m wearing that same short-sleeved sweatshirt, styled much more casually, yet still in manor that allowed me to feel put together. I’ve recommended this denim jacket to people over the years and it always gets rave reviews. It’s more of an investment, but when you find a jean jacket with this great of a fit, it’ll pay off over the years!


When it comes to shoes, I lean more on the side of less is more. I tend to invest a little more when I wait and find certain shoes that I know will get a ton of wear. Here’s my latest example. The detail is so unique and the fit, for a mule especially, is fantastic. I hate (well, you probably all do) when mules or slides slip off your feet as you’re on the go. That’s not the case with these!

Dress / Hat

I love a cute denim dress. The cinched waist gives it great shape and the length is my idea of perfect. Cute with Converse and wedges alike!

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