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Happy Friday, guys! We are packed up and heading to NJ to visit family for the weekend. The kids have been so eager to take a trip in the new van because we’ve told them that the DVD player is for long trips only ;) I think that thing is going to be our saving grace, lol! Honestly, the only thing missing from the van seems to be a toilet. And maybe a water fountain. Or a soft serve ice cream machine, mmm!!

I’ve pulled together some of my latest outfits that have only made it to Instagram, some of which will hopefully send a little inspiration your way! Have a fantastic weekend soaking up every last bit of summer!

shirt / shorts (similar) / earrings

shirt (similar) / shorts (similar) / bag (similar) / shoes (similar)

top / skirt / earrings

leggings / sneakers / sweater

sweater (similar) / tee (similar) / sweatpants

top / sweatpants / sneakers


top / shorts / shoes / earrings

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