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Insta Round-Up

It’s one week until Christmas which also means that today is my birthday :) Today I turn 38 and oddly enough, I’m ok with that! At one point in my life those numbers sounded ancient to me but now that I’m stepping into those shoes, I’m happy with where they’ve taken me. I’m at a place where I know life is hard, but the ups and downs are what have helped me to grow and become who I am today. I’ve followed a rather untraditional path that I couldn’t have forseen, but that fact that I get to be a wife, mother, stylist and designer is more than I could have dreamed. Thanks to all of you for being a part of that and following along on my little journey. I hope it’s been (and continues to be) beneficial to you in one way or another!

Today I’m rounding up all those outfits I’ve shared on Instagram that will hopefully provide some inspiration for you! Exact and/or similar items are listed below.

bodysuit / pants / earrings


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