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I’m sure many of you are coming off that sugar high today and feeling extra thankful that it’s Friday! Not only that, but we also gain an extra hour of sleep this weekend! Our trick or treat was delayed until Saturday due to the rain/wind/storms that passed through our area and I don’t think I ever recall that happening before! The good thing is that we’ll have a sunny day to look forward to as the kids load up their baskets tomorrow.

Today I wanted to play catch up on all those iphone snapshots of everyday life. The outfits I pull together and a few other odds and ends that I’ve shared over on Instagram.

shirt / sweater (similar) / pants / mules (similar)

I can’t get enough of these pants lately. They are great year round, but fall is definitely their favorite season!

I keep a bin of faux florals and change out my front door wreath with every season. I love how this one turned out! I have a tutorial that shows just how easy it is to make your own here. All you need is a little inspiration.

sweater / denim

Sweater jackets have been another go-to of mine these past two months and I’m hoping that carries on a bit longer!


Hanging with my littlest in my coziest sweatshirt.

sweater / denim (similar) / booties

Another everyday outfit. My wide-leg crops (both these and my Everlane’s) are what I’ve been turning to most often. Makes it easy to pair with a cute, striped sweater.

Jacket (similar) / Shirt / Leggings

I have a number of animal print tops, but these leggings have been such a fun addition and a pair I reach for often.

sweater (similar) / overalls / bodysuit (similar)

This picture was actually taken last year, but I pulled this outfit together again shortly after seeing it. Most of my wardrobe remains classic enough that you wouldn’t know the difference one year from the next. A little tip, bodysuits are great under overalls so you don’t have to worry about your shirts riding up!

scarf / top / sweatpants

I ordered these sweatpants and a matching pair for my 10 yr old son. I can’t get over how cozy they are and my son has been raving about how they’re his favorite pair (and he’s a picky one when it comes to his sweatpants!). Again with this color, one I never realized how often I’d be reaching for!


Another shot from last year that decided to re-share because I came across this sweater (one of my most worn from last year) on sale and fully stocked!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

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