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Hi friends! I’m wrapping up this post on yet another snow day here in PA…apparently the groundhog was right ;) Now I count down the minutes until I’m asked for hot chocolate with way too many marshmallows!

I wanted share an Instagram roundup up today since it’s been quite a while since I last did. As much fun as it is to really focus on an outfit and pull photo shoots together for them, I also enjoy sharing more of what I’m wearing on a day to day basis. Thankfully, Instagram provides the perfect platform to do that! I know many of you follow along over there as well, but for those that don’t, and in an effort to refresh and provide some everyday inspiration, here’s some of what I’ve been wearing lately. You’ll notice a lot of comfortable atheisure-wear. What can I say, this weather brings it out in me!


This sweater is a must have and the jeans are a new purchase that I cannot wait to wear. Demi boot with a little flare and a raw hem. Oh and button fly!! Super flattering and a great addition for spring!

Sweater / Denim / Shirt (similar) / Earrings / Mules (similar)

Perfectly subtle, I love this sweet heart tee <3

Shirt / Leggings

I received some question on this jacket that’s actually from last year, but the updated version is very similar. It fits true to size (I’m typically an XS or S and went with a S to be able to layer underneath), and is perfect for the gym or running errands. I also ordered the regular Spanx leggings in an effort to give the faux leather pair a break and I’m so glad I did!

Jacket (similar) / Leggings / Sneakers / Gloves (similar)

I used to feel that more than a pair or two of sneakers was unnecessary, but as I look at my array of booties, I figured it was time to diversify my sneak collection too. Since I’m wearing them more and more, I know I’ll be getting my wear out of them!

Sneakers / Denim / Hoodie (similar) / Necklace

This sweater is a new favorite of mine. It also comes in a beautiful purple that’s perfect for spring!

Sweater / Coat (similar) / Necklace / Denim / Uggs / Gloves (similar)

Another example of athleisure at it’s finest ;)

Sweatshirt / Leggings / Sneakers

I found this adorable tee recently at Target. According to a recent quote I saw “no one goes to Target because they need something, you go to Target and let Target tell you what you need”. How true those words are ;)

Sweater / T-shirt / Denim / Necklace

Puffy coats are what the weather calls for these days. This one is still available in black and I looove the fit. Perfect length and not overly puffy. I do have another pink one linked below however, because pink is pink <3

Coat (similar) / Top (similar) / Denim / Uggs


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