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Impromptu Family Photos

Hi guys! I hope you had a great weekend. We had a good one, despite the cooooold weather that set in. Regardless, my girls decided that they wanted to take pictures with ‘mommy’ this weekend, and I’m never one to turn that down! It was a last minute decision, so outfits aren’t perfectly matched and the girls’ hair wasn’t styled, but this is what our perfectly imperfect Sunday usually looks like. The kids were slightly more reluctant to give their big smiles when they felt the wind, but they were troopers, and we even coaxed the boys into joining us for a few shots.

I’ll share the details for some of the kids’ clothing (I think we can all agree someone needs to make us a pom-pom sweatshirt in our size!) below. The dress I’m wearing is one I’d highly recommend. It’s crazy soft and basically feels as though you’re wearing a nightgown. I’ll be wearing it on repeat for a while, so you’ll likely see it on here again!

Can you even handle this little wave??

Or this ‘cheese’ face that all three of my kids have gone through?!

My two favorite guys, goofing around per usual…

This one only wanted snuggles…

Or to hide…

Or to tell me it was time to go!

Jack x Jack.

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