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I heart NYC

As I had mentioned to you all, my husband Jack and I were able to enjoy a quick overnight trip in NYC this past Mon/Tues. It’s always nice to get some one on one time with each other, that includes the four hour drive to/from the city. Any time in the car sans kids is a mini vaca in and of itself! However, since we had kids, vacations have not been the same. There’s always a little piece of my heart missing and a thrilling excitement to get back home and have them run into my arms. I may miss then terribly, but that doesn’t hold me back from enjoying myself at the same time!

Jack had meetings scheduled so I had time to walk the streets, shop around and people watch. This new mom made me smile because she reminded me of myself walking around when Jack was a baby, carting him around and treating my stroller as my vehicle with every accessory imaginable (cup holders, bag hooks, rain cover, sun shade, seat liners and on and on).


When you stop to look up from the busy streets and sidewalks you get a chance to take in all of the beautiful architecture surrounding you.


Shopping, ohhh the shopping :) Here’s my mine rant/ piece of advice. As much as I love touching and feeling and trying on while I shop, for the most part it’s just not the smart way to do it. For example, I was excited to stop in Piperlime because it’s rather new and one of their only stores (I think they have on in CA too). Their website was offering 30% off site-wide and I was hoping this would carry over in their store. Of course it didn’t. I browsed through regardless and had I found anything  would have gone straight to their website and ordered on there, where they offer free shipping and returns too. Am I missing something? Why wouldn’t everyone order online? I guess what I realized is that it’s not terrible living in a town where I’m not surrounded by retail stores. Shopping online just makes more sense.


Now that’s not to say I didn’t buy anyyything ;) This beautiful ascot, adorable bow belt and matching converse for the kids are a few of my favorite purchases.




We were able to meet up with a handful of great friends including my beautiful sister-in-law who is recently engaged!


 We celebrated and shared much laughter as we continued on the night.


When Jack and  I got back to our hotel somewhere around 11pm, we sat down and enjoyed some dessert together. This is how we live it up ;)


One last latte the next morning, a quick drive through Hoboken and we were on our way back to PA, our kids and our wonderful family that was there to take care of them.


NYC is such an exciting place full of people from all walks of life. It gives off an energy that you can’t help but soak up. We lived just across the river, in Hoboken, NJ, for almost 10 years, but I have to say I appreciate it that much more as a visitor. I think we tend to take things for granted regardless of where we live. We fall into the same habits, visit the same places and see the same people. It’s nice when we have the chance to step back and be the visitor. Now I need to figure out when that next trip will be!


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