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This weekend I finally had a chance to visit a dear friend and her family back in NJ (if you’re new to the blog, my family and I relocated from Hoboken, NJ to PA this past March). She and her family built a beautiful home and moved in months ago, but this was the first time I was able to get there. I love those relationships where things just pick up where they left off. Wish I could pick them and their home up and move them to PA with us ;)

I debated on what to get them as a little house warming gift. It’s hard when you don’t know how much/what decorating has been done. Gift cards are always nice (personally, I love them), but they can also be impersonal. I then remembered something I had pinned awhile back. I love making my pins come to life, don’t you? I borrowed this pin and here’s what I came up with…


As you can see, I started with a glass canister and gathered a number of items that would be useful around their home. I had to include a little something for their sweet dog as well. It’s very practical and chances are it will all be put to use.






Between HomeGoods, Target and your grocery store, you shouldn’t have any trouble creating something similar yourself.

What type of housewarming gift have you given in the past?


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