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Happy Wednesday! I love how I joked on Monday about us having rather mild weather lately, only to wake up yesterday morning to a 2 hour school delay due to an ice storm, lol. Serves me right! Regardless of the ice, snow or rain that we may be encountering, I’m guessing most of you have gotten most of your Christmas decor tucked away and are back to a clean slate with your house. I always end up tweaking and reorganizing during this process which leads to a little refresh throughout our home. It always excites and inspires me to change things around and often times all that’s required is finding a new pillow or mirror or plant or whatever it is that just brings an area new life. I picked up a faux plant at HomeGoods last week that led to a whole spiral of changes in my living room and left the whole thing feeling fresh and updated.

I’ve gathered a number of new decor items that may help to serve as some inspiration for you during this long winter to spring transition. A new welcome mat to greet your guests, a mirror for your mantel or to update a bathroom, a cozy throw to cuddle up with or a simple centerpiece for your table. Who knows, you may find that switching one thing will cause you to start rearranging and end up with a new space all of your own!

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