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Holiday Style

I’ve been planning out a holiday style post for a while now, but it took me some time to narrow things down and come up with some ensembles that I feel would resonate with you all. A few weeks back I did a quick poll on Instagram to find out if you guys were looking for more of a dressy/casual look or all out glam (I wish I had an excuse to get all dolled up this year!) for the holidays. The overwhelming majority voted for dressy/casual which would have been my guess. However, I decided to pull something together for everyone from over the top dressy the whole way down to lazy, hanging with the fam outfits. So basically, there should be something for everyone! Let me know which look you’ll be leaning towards this year!

  1. Dress / Capelet / Earrings / Heels

  2. Top / Pants / Stole / Heels

  3. Top / Pants / Earrings / Heels

  4. Dress / Earrings / Booties

  5. Sweater / Pants / Heels / Earrings

  6. Top / Sweater / Leggings / Boots

  7. Shirt / Sweater / Sweatpants / Slippers

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