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After I shared my last post where I styled a pair of velvet pants in a dressed down manner, the wheels started spinning. I thought about more of my festive pieces that hold a spot in my closet but only get worn once or twice a season if they’re lucky. As I brainstormed, more and more outfits started coming to mind so I decided to turn these thoughts into a post that will hopefully give you a little inspiration for some of the pieces you may have in your own closet. I chose three pieces; a tartan shirt, velvet pants and a sweater dress in which I created various looks out of. Scroll down to see how I pulled it all together…

A plaid or tartan shirt is a classic piece that many of you likely own. I will sometimes box myself in when I find a look that works for me, and I’ll overlook so many other opportunities to put it to use. Here you’ll see how you can go from all out glam with a sequin skirt and fancy heels to a pair of jeans and shearling lined sneakers. Basically, a shirt like this can go from work to weekend and any other festivity you have on your schedule!

A sweater dress is another item that I tend to style one way, inhibiting any other options to come to mind. I love the sneaker trend however and have been pairing a number of my maxi dresses with sneakers over the past few months. It opens up such a variety of places that I can wear them. For work, blazers make a great layering piece and to dress it up a few notches, a faux fur vest and bold heels would do the trick!

Finally, I elaborated on a pair of velvet pants that are very similar to the ones I styled here. I love making them work for my day-to-day with a more casual sweater and a pair of sneakers but I also love when I have the chance to take the exact opposite direction and add a sequin top and embellished heels! And for something a little bit in between, think about pairing them with a tailored shirt or sweater with a pair of heels or loafers based on your agenda.

I hope this gets your wheels spinning and helps you to rethink how you wear some of the festive pieces you have in your own closet. Come back and share what you’re able to create with yours!

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