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Holiday Gift Guide: Under $25

I’m guessing by this point the majority of you have the bulk of your Christmas shopping well underway, but today I have my under $25 gift guide for you. Here you’ll find some odds and ends gifts for friends or hosts or to tack on to other gifts that don’t feel quite complete. And if I’m being honest, I always make a few purchases for myself as I’m shopping, so don’t feel bad if something strikes you…it’s under $25 after all ;)


1. Striped Scarf: It’s beautiful and it’s $13!

2. Ruffle Sleeve Sweater: Fun and festive at a great price point!

3. Bare Minerals 3 Piece Party Perfect Collection: Ok, this one is $26, but birthday or not, this is a great deal/gift! Mascara, liner and a Moxie lipgloss…you can’t go wrong!

4. Earrings: I love finding a pair of fun earrings that work for everyday wear.

5. Makeup Eraser: I don’t own one of these, although I’d like to. I’ve heard good things and I’d love to eliminate some/all of my makeup removers!

6. Lovable Livable Home: For any other Young House Love fans (if you don’t know them check them out!), I’d love to have this book under my tree!

7. Spotted Gloves: Super cute and 50% off at the moment!

8. Crystal Necklace: A beautiful, classic necklace that any number of women would love.

9. Faux Fur Scarf: A little faux fur can go along way in making an outfit (or a gift) complete!

10. Pom-pom Hat: Cute, fun and functional.

11. Barware: Both a corkscrew and bottle opener are available in this adorable polka dot pattern. Perfect hostess gift!

12. Knit Sweater: I tried this on the other day and it’s super cute. It has a loose, comfortable fit and the only reason I didn’t grab one was because I couldn’t decide on a color!

13. Mom’s One Line A Day Memory Book: I know I’ve shared this on here before, but this journal makes such a great gift! It helps every busy mom remember the good, the bad and the funny as the years fly right by!

14. Fingerless Gloves: I’m a big fan of fingerless gloves. There’s something about babies and phones that just require my fingers to be available :)


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