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Kids may be the easiest group to shop for out of the bunch, but at the same time, every parent knows that unused toys can end up being quite the burden. They pile up quickly and can take up valuable space. Parents know their children the best, so I’m never afraid to ask what they are currently interested in and I always offer gift receipts because I don’t want my money ending up in an unused pile either! And if you are a parent shopping for your own child, then you are sure to know if they are bookworms, sports fanatics, crafty kids or they run wild with their imaginary play. Below I’ve gathered a bit of everything to help you shop your those special kiddos on your list!

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My son was never big into imaginary play, but he’s always loved games, sports and reading. Jack has a dart board and air hockey table, but I have no doubt he’d loved a personalized basketball hoop inside as well. And for those of you that have young readers, one of these bed pillows is sure to be a hit. If your kids are into video games, the Nintendo Switch or this Lite version are great options. In my house, the girls are all about imaginary play and crafting. They go crazy over sets like this one and love getting new paints or watercolors as well. Audrey serves us ice cream from this set every, single, day! And I know she’d love a cookie set such as this one too. If your kids have been making blanket tents/forts around your house, maybe one that’s already assembled would peak your interest, and a sleeping bag to go with it. Since many kids are currently at home more than usual, any game such as hopscotch to get some energy out is a good idea, as is a chore chart to both reward them and encourage some extra help around the house. We all need that!

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